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I have learned a lot during the past few months about the various ways of working with Rhino3d excellent application, and it gives me a pleasure to share at least some of it with the veiwers. Further more, I've learned that it isn't enough to make a nice model; one should show the method how this & that have been achieved.
I also started to use Macromedia™ DreamWeaver to write these tutorials - dump anything ealse!
In this tutorial I'm going to guide you through the steps of creating a glass vase, with the ladle inside the liquid.
Before starting anything, a few valuable hints: 1. Always use the crosshair cursor. I love it! 2. Always use the magnifying tools Rhino offers at the top tool menu. it helps to see something like 300 times bigger so one can fix errors easily.


We start off by creating the base for the vase:
STEP 1: Select the Solid menu and hold to have the Solid submenu. Click on the rightmost icon in the 1st raw - the truncated cone. In the front view adjust the 2 circles comprising the cone so it should look like in this example:

STEP 2: Seelct the Solid menu again, this time pick the 1st icon in the 2nd raw - the cylinder. Adjsut to look like this:

Since you're going to cut a group of 28 cylinders, you must have the same angle.
STEP 3: Now to the creation of 28 (or ant other amount you might like) cylinders. Rhino has this great and very frequently used command called Array.
Like in the example use the Transform menu, place the pointer at the center, then type in the command line 28 or something similar, and finally press Enter twice. This will generate nicely arranged 28 cylinders around the truncated cone.
Note the contrast between the hilighted ring of cylinders as opposed to the dark cone.
Your next job is to group all the cylinders.
STEP 3: There are several ways for grouping in RHino. One way v 1.1 provides is Join. Of course, v 2.0 is more sophisticated and has the group function. Either way, do your best to group the pieces, It's useful later on.
Having done that, you're now going to cut the group off the cone. For this, you must use the Boolean menu:  . Click & hold for the submenu, then select the 2nd one - Difference.
First select the cone. To select the cone, click on the 'ALL' icon at the top menu, then hold the Shift key and select the grouped cylinders. This operation will leave you with the cone sekected. Next, select the grouped cylinders. If all's ok, you should have the basis for the vase ready: